The e-Maritime Strategic Framework (EMSF) is a reference model that will describe information exchange requirements for different user-communities in the Maritime Industry to reach common strategic goals. The mission is to introduce uniformity in approach and a level of standardisation to e-commerce operations.

This includes: Ship Operations Management; Port Operations Management; Logistics Chain Management - ship/cargo interfacing with other modes of transport and logistics either directly or through the port; Regulation and policy organisations related to the above.

The EMSF will explain how these goals could be achieved through the implementation of appropriate processes, standards and policies. Please refer to
EMSF models.  The All Viewpoint of the EMSF is embodied in D1.3. It summarises the activities, outcomes and objects involved in the production of the EMSF.

The other e-Maritime Strategic Framework viewpoints include the following 7 viewpoints:


The Policy, Regulations, Legislation & Standards viewpoints is provided by D1.1 and D1.2.


The Governance viewpoint is explored in D1.1D1.2., Please also refer to D1.3, section 3.2.


The light blue components are core viewpoints of the EMSF models presented in UML and BPMN models. The Collaborative Processes break down into a series of individual Activities, producing Information that is shared between the Roles involved in the Processes. Please refer to D1.3. for more details of the modelling methodology. Please click here for the EMSF models.


The Systems/Technology viewpoint captures the implementation-independent aspects of the infrastructure and enabling technologies for EMSF deployment. Please refer to D2.1.
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