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Subject:eMaritime News for 12th September 2013

Emissions remain top of regulatory agenda

Emissions and ballast are just two of the issues on the IMO regulatory agenda this year, with moves from the EC on ship recycling and monitoring emissions from ships while Canada recently announced plans to join the North American emission control area (ECA).


Knowledge is power

There is no doubt that shipping is becoming increasingly proactive towards emissions reduction. The truth is that the industry now has little choice. Fuelled by sustained high bunker costs and the need to generate efficiencies wherever possible whilst complying with growing emissions regulations, shipowners and operators are investing in operational and technical measures to safeguard the future of their fleet.


Danish Maritime Authority Reduces Paperwork on Board Ships

Today, the Danish Maritime Authority published a report elucidating which administrative tasks are perceived as burdens by seafarers and Danish shipowners. The report is part of the Growth Plan for the Blue Denmark and highlights a desire to reduce the amount of paperwork.


Progress On Safety Of Navigation In The IMO

At the meeting of the IMO Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation (NAV) the work on e-navigation was continued, and the work on electronic symbols for aids to navigation purposes was finalised.


Automated systems simplify regulatory compliance

Tough new air pollution regulations for the maritime industry are making it difficult for the shipping industry to comply.



The European Commission adopted the NAIADES II package "Towards quality inland waterway transport".The package intends to realise the unused potential of Europe's 37,000 km of inland waterways and to enable freight to move more easily and lead to further greening of the sector.

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