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Subject:eMaritime News for 6th September 2013

Industry should not be forced into AIS or LRIT expansion

There have been calls for all vessels, regardless of their size, to be mandated to carry equipment that transmits vessel location, voyage and identification data in order to improve maritime security. But changing regulations to force the equipment on operators of smaller craft, workboats, fishing vessels and tugs will not only place an unwanted financial burden on owners, it will also produce a totally unmanageable system.


VSAT and standard IT platforms

Simon Møkster Shipping has used Marlink’s Sealink VSAT service to connect all of its fleet of 23 offshore support vessels to the Microsoft Lync platform. This enables bridge and engine room teams to access low-cost and reliable telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging and data sharing services.


Adding value through web-based portals

The next generation of applications that VSAT enables is cloud computing. The combination of an always-on broadband connection with Internet services will enable ship operators to extend their fleet management services. Cloud computing enables remote access to secure databases and powerful computer systems.


New traffic monitoring system for Arctic

The Swedish Maritime Administration is testing a new tracking system for maritime traffic in the Arctic.


Differential E-Loran gets a green light

E-Loran, the electronic positioning system that is being promoted as a back up to GPS has moved one stage further with government approval to expand the coverage in some British port areas.

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