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Subject:eMaritime News for 30th August 2013

The road to remote-controlled ships

As ship systems become more sophisticated, there are growing concerns over whether the industry can attract and retain enough skilled personnel to serve on board ships. But if only a few functions were switched to remote control and a significant reduction in the size of crews was possible, there would be implications for those that remained.


How far can you trust your data?

eNavigation gives the possibility of all data being used for marine navigation
to be electronically marked with integrity information, whatever the data source.


Cutting operating costs and raising values

Although the bandwidth available through Ku-band is likely to be higher than L-band, there are still requirements for optimising the capacity required to deliver the business and crew welfare services that ship operators require.



The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and leading engineering recruitment agency Matchtech, are working together to investigate the skills gap of marine engineers in the maritime industry and are inviting those in the sector to complete a short questionnaire as part of London International Shipping Week.


Software provides ship network protection

With seafarers given greater access to the Internet, the threats of a cyber-attack on ship networks increases. New viruses and malware threats that can damage ship PCs and networks are constantly being developed. There is also a growing threat from hackers who could gain access to corporate shipping systems.

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