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Subject:eMaritime News for 16 August 2013

Hybrid tug technology receives verification by EPA

System provides a 25% reduction in PM, a 30% reduction in NOx; a 30% reduction in CO2 and a 35% reduction in CO.


Printers can do much more than ship modelling

Ship designers will be using 3D printers to reduce the time needed to create a model and provide a quicker representation of its structure. In the longer term, 3D printers could be used to generate electronic components, such as circuit boards. Ultimately, these printers will be used for rapid product prototyping and layered manufacturing.


Crew internet via mobile networks

German developer bobz has launched a Crew Solution package for its shipznet near-shore communications system, which offers data rates of up to 20 mbps. The new crew system aims to provides internet connectivity for seafarers via mobile communications networks.

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