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Subject:eMaritime News for 2 August 2013

ISO PAS 28007 Pilot Completed

Port2Port Maritime has successfully completed a pilot audit assessment for ISO/PAS 28007 after a rigorous and meticulously detailed, top down validation process demonstrated their compliance.


EU shifts emphasis on transport funding

Transport policy to put innovation and infrastructure to the fore.


Report lays out environmental impact reduction strategies for shipping

Shipping can cutdown its impact on the environment through the adoption of new propulsion technologies, according to a new report by the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering.


Connections throughout for mariners and passengers

WiFi can be used through a network of routers to provide an onboard communications network so that passengers and crew can use their mobile devices. Wireless communication between sensors and tablet computers has also been enabled.


We need greener shipping power say engineers

Mention nuclear power and ships in the same sentence and you’re more likely to think Navy submarine than a goods tanker. But nuclear -propelled ships are one idea being mulled over by engineers this week as the future of low carbon shipping. Shipping accounts for around one billion tonnes of the world’s emissions every year, 3% of the world’s total according to the EU and this is set to grow.


Cloud based vessel monitoring on offer

ESRG is hoping to see widespread take up by the maritime sector of OstiaEdge, its cloud-based total vessel monitoring and analytics. OstiaEdge platform as a service (PaaS), combined with cloud-based data-centres, is said to enable ship managers and owners to have visibility into the performance and health of shipboard equipment from anywhere, including mobile devices. Data is automatically collected, validated and analysed onboard the vessel and then synched with remote data centres which provide the data, along with automated analytics, in the cloud.

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