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Subject:eMaritime News for 27th July 2013

Providing real-time diagnostics via satcoms

Imtech Marine has an extensive global connectivity portfolio and combines this with systems and services to offer shipowners a complete solution. Imtech has its own Ku-band VSAT network with automatic beam-switching, along all of the major shipping routes.


TEN-T Days 2013 to Be Held in Tallinn

This year, the TEN-T Days, which are organised by the European Commission, will be held in Tallinn in October.


Galileo, Europe’s GPS, opens up business opportunities and makes life easier for citizens

Today a public demonstration of how the four satellites of the EU’s satellite navigation system Galileo can independently and highly accurately determine a position on the Earth’s surface took place in the Galileo Control Centre in Fucino, Italy


Suppliers aim to make ecdis more mariner-friendly

Many in the shipping industry would like to see a high level of standardisation for bridge systems, and particularly ecdis, allowing personnel to move confidently between vessels without the need for retraining and familiarisation processes

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