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Subject:eMaritime News for 6th July 2013

Faster broadband can help optimise vessel operations
With the promise of faster broadband services, the shipping industry is steadily adopting very small aperture terminal (VSAT) technology. The market for VSAT continues to evolve as new services are introduced, but there is still plenty of uncertainty over what the next generation of services will deliver. What is certain is ship operators will be able to connect to faster broadband services to improve operational efficiencies and enhance crew welfare.

Engine monitoring and fleet trials are the focus

A cornerstone of Chevron’s marine lubricant research and development programme is monitoring engines. Its scientists are analysing previously unseen wear and cold corrosion issues that are emerging on both newer engine designs and established models that are being operated outside their intended design parameters, as operators reduce speeds and look to economise on fuel.

Seafarers’ Influence on The Satellite Communication Seascape Still Under The Radar
Seafarers expecting easier access to the internet via crew welfare provisions under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) may be disappointed, a global satellite broadband conference has heard.

Mobile Technology Could Shape Future of Maritime Communications
Seafarers may benefit from better internet access if mobile phone technology shapes the way satellite networks are designed at sea, a global satellite broadband forum has heard.

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