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Subject:eMaritime News for 28th June 2013

Shipping is catching up with the global cloud

Cloud computing has become an increasingly important part of the shipping industry, providing remote access to not just secure databases, but also to powerful computer systems. Essentially, cloud computing is the use of someone else’s server, which could be located anywhere around the world, for the storage of vast data sets. The cloud can be used for data sharing and information exchange. Data can be accessed from anywhere worldwide, including on ships through a secure satellite link.


New terminals deliver automation boost

More port capacity and increased efficiency are some of the main themes in the European port scene as new terminals gear up to open their doors to business.


Will ecdis be your friend or foe?

Ecdis is intended to improve navigational safety, but it can only be as good as the mariners using it and the configurations they apply. Could ecdis be developed to raise the game of, and maybe even mitigate against, the limitations of the weakest players?


New wave of technology

From real time cargo tracking to crew and passenger management applications, Windows based radar to floating data centres, ocean going vessels are increasingly taking on-board the benefits of ICT.


Council conclusions on the Integrated Maritime Policy

The Council of the European Union following the GENERAL AFFAIRS Council meeting in Luxembourg the 24th of June 2013, issued a press release stating that it adopted various conclusions on the Integrated Maritime Policy.

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