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Subject:eMaritime News for 21st June 2013

InterManager puts management practice at the top of the agenda

InterManager, the international trade association for the world's in-house and third party ship managers, has once again placed quality at the top of its agenda by pledging to work with industry stakeholders as well as governments and flag state administrations to highlight the importance of management best practices in the day-to-day running of the world's ships.


Public consultation on applications of EU satellite navigation programmes (Galileo and EGNOS)

The objective of this public consultation is to obtain input and a broader range of views on the way the European Commission should maximise and ensure the market uptake of GNSS downstream applications and of the European GNSS downstream applications in particular.
 Deadline 14/07.2013,


Making it possible to navigate by digital means

Ecdis is a system which consists of different elements, of which electronic navigational charts (ENCs) are the core components. Rather than providing a simple computer display, or being a paper reference, ENCs integrate real-time information for display to a mariner, and can be thought of as an aid to navigational decision-making and situational awareness.


AIS is growing up fast

AIS (automatic identification system) has come a long way from its rather shaky mandatory roll out. This is largely due to the increasing ability to integrate the display of AIS information on radar and ecdis screens. In a wider sense the ability to harvest AIS data via satellite has massively increased the amount of information available.


VTS planning will improve port safety and efficiency

Port and terminal operators should carry out an independent risk assessment of their requirements before investing in vessel traffic services (VTS). They need to determine the traffic types and patterns, the proximity of work sites, offshore installations and environmentally sensitive areas.

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