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Subject:eMaritime News for 15th June 2013

UK: IMO to Host Symposium on the Future of Ship Safety

The IMO Symposium on the Future of Ship Safety will be held on 10 and 11 June, at IMO Headquarters in London. It will include six international panels of high-level speakers from across the broad spectrum of ship design, construction, equipment, operation and regulation, who will discuss a wide range of issues impacting the future of ship safety.


Battery And Hybrid Propulsion – Viable For Ships

Spurred by the advances in battery technologies and the commercialisation of electric and hybrid cars, the maritime industry is asking itself: Do these propulsion solutions make sense for ships? Performance benefits, fuel savings and emissions reduction is being weighed against capital investments, practicality, limitations in range and safety


Advances enable vessels to operate in deeper waters

Automation, bridge and control systems for offshore vessels have advanced rapidly over the last five years, incorporating faster processing, greater functionality and extra features.


Ship PCs are prone to hackers even if they are offline

Maritime IT security suppliers have seen an increasing need for good antivirus protection aboard ships. The increasing use of always online communication options such as VSAT and Inmarsat’s Xpresslink means that the introduction of possible virus infections or, worse, the hacking of the onboard computers, will grow exponentially


Web-based solutions for port community systems

Today ports, pilots and maritime authorities can choose from many mobile, web-based applications with which to run their businesses. Still, some sectors of the maritime industry have not, when compared to other industries, been early adopters of new technology. Many ports still operate with legacy systems and manual processes, yet wish to define themselves as the hub of a modern port community system (PCS). Web-based technologies offer the technical infrastructure to do this.

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