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Subject:eMaritime News for 31st May 2013

Survey Of Internet Facility On Board Vessels

The ITF have been contacted by a UK University, which is working with the University of the Aegean, as part of a project on the retention of seafarers. They are particularly interested in the availability of internet facilities on board ships.


UK Royal Navy trial QinetiQ’s PRIME

QinetiQ’s new on-board email management tool, PRIME, has been successfully tested by The UK Royal Navy Command as part of a project focused on improving the Royal Navy’s email management capabilities and bandwidth


Commission Proposes Upgrade for Key Seaports along Europe’s Coastline

The European Commission has today launched a new initiative to improve port operations and onward transport connections at 319 key seaports along Europe’s coastline. The guidelines and legal changes being proposed will help port operators upgrade their services and facilities as well as giving them more financial autonomy.


End users want their say

The concept of e-navigation has probably had very little impact on the majority of serving mariners, despite the years of discussion and research. Current applications tend to be localised arrangements specific to particular requirements, along with test beds such as Europe’s Mona Lisa project.


Consumerisation of IT at sea –challenge or opportunity?

Growing numbers of professionals are beginning to use their own array of communications devices during their working life, as the boom in consumer electronics and the rise of the BYOD phenomenon change the way that we interact with technology. Shipping is no exception – though the use of personal devices on board ship will create specific challenges for maritime IT managers that differ to those on land.

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