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Subject:eMaritime News for 23rd May 2013

Ports Give Out Mixed Messages on Monitoring and Automation Technology Benefits

84% of port owners, operators and contractors said they would expect “increased safety” to be the primary benefit in specifying an automated system to monitor factors such as mooring line tension, approach speed and environmental conditions, according to a new independent market report by the marine systems business of Trelleborg.


Successful trial of automatic GPS backup

ACCSEAS, a project funded in part by the European Union, has carried out a successful trial of a prototype resilient PNT system at sea, using eLoran to automatically step in when GPS service fails.


Crew System Integration on RHIBs & High Speed Craft

Human Systems Integration (HSI) is a recognized requirement for many organizations.
This is rapidly becoming more important as the professional RHIB and high speed craft
sector are required to perform increasingly complex tasks.


Track keeping – the end of navigation?

The expansion of onboard navigation technologies has changed the way that route planning and tracking is performed on ship – but, as these systems become ubiquitous, the simultaneous general use of the same systems could create its own alternative issues.


KPI Project has data from more than 1,600 ships

InterManager, the international trade association for the shipmanagement industry, says that 120 companies have now registered with its KPI Project, providing data from more than 1,600 vessels.


A mixed view on automation

Global marine systems business, Trelleborg, says that although port operators expect increased safety from automated systems, the vast majority still use human or manual guidance at their facilities.

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