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Subject:eMaritime News for 15th May 2013

Rolling out updated systems across the fleet

As ecdis technology evolved, the Royal Norwegian Navy recognised that it needed to implement changes in order not to fall behind in the technology race. With ecdis, the navigator’s ability to ensure a safe passage is significantly enhanced, so long as he or she is provided with proper training and has good classical navigational skills.


Digital and traditional skills will be needed

Traditionally, young officers followed a steady career structure. If they were wise they took every opportunity to learn from their more experienced senior officers. The increasing use of ecdis has upset that model to a degree. Officers can now be roughly classified as digital natives or digital immigrants. It is the digital natives who generally have the best grasp of the new technologies.


UK: IMO Launches Six-Month Consultation on Administrative Burdens

On 7 May 2013, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) kicked off a six-month consultation period in which it will seek widespread input on the administrative burdens that may result from compliance with IMO instruments.


WaveSentry project aims for commercial service

WaveSentry, a research project on maritime forecasting backed by several industry stakeholders, is now aiming at commercial service. The research was launched two years ago to provide an improved information and forecasting tool for managing the risks of marine operations in adverse sea states. Marine South East, which initiated the project, says that the then available tools were insufficient to display wave height, period, direction and steepness at an appropriate temporal and spatial resolution.


European Commission unveils maritime strategy for the Atlantic

The Action Plan aims to revitalise the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic Ocean Area.

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