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Subject:eMaritime News for 19th April

€160.5m funding to combat pollution

The European Commission has proposed that the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) receive funding of €160.5m over a period of seven years to continue work to combat pollutions at sea.


Agreement reached on sailors' rights

New EU rules for labour conditions aboard ships. MEPs and member state negotiators reached an agreement this week on new EU rules for labour conditions aboard ships that dock at EU ports


Net-Logic Releases White Paper on the World’s First Ever Type Approved Wireless BNWAS

The WatchKeeper + is the worlds first type approved wireless BNWAS system. It has been the choice of the world's most renowned superyachts. It offers superyacht-standard aesthetics with touch screen technology. Its ease of installation and lack of cabling saves both on time and costs while offering a superior product with additional features such as a panic alarm, six choices of audible alarm and stainless steel reset for your chart area with a pulsing LED countdown.


EU Cooperation to Enhance Maritime Safety & Security

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Mr. Alan Shatter, T.D., outlined one of Ireland's EU Presidency priorities, addressing the potential for innovation, cooperation and collaboration to enhance Maritime Safety, Security and Surveillance in the EU. Opening the high level seminar on Challenges and Opportunities in Maritime Security and Surveillance for Effective Governance and Innovation in the EU's Maritime Domain, Minister Shatter emphasised the importance of building an EU-wide consensus to deliver effective security and surveillance in the maritime domain.


Live, life-like 3D imaging is the future for cruise services

Technology is now available to improve face-to-face communications over a long distance in real-time using 3D imagery and virtual reality. This is a step beyond video conferencing and produces a virtual image of a customer advisor, like a crystal-clear hologram, at a passenger interface, whether it is a booking kiosk or a passenger hospitality counter.


Live video chat onboard ship– a reality check

The promise of ever greater quantities of bandwidth and airtime is re-shaping maritime communications, but the constraints of satellite delivery mean that applications such as video and VoIP must still be optimised for end users.


Track keeping – the end of navigation?

The expansion of onboard navigation technologies has changed the way that route planning and tracking is performed on ship – but, as these systems become ubiquitous, the simultaneous general use of the same systems could create its own alternative issues.

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