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Subject:eMaritime News for 4th April

Monalisa 2.0 - Moving Maritime into the Digital Age

The Swedish Maritime Administration has initiated an extension of the ongoing Monalisa project, called Monalisa 2.0, through a renewed application to the European Commission's TEN-T program.
Monalisa 2.0 takes its point of departure in the results and experiences from the current Monalisa project, co-financed by TEN-T under the Motorways of the Sea and which has received very positive feedback from stakeholders, international bodies and the European Commission. Monalisa 2.0 is a concrete step in the process of further developing the Motorways of the Sea concept by implementing concrete pilot actions



KPI Is Fastest Growing IT Shipping Project Ever, Says InterManager Secretary General

The international KPI Project, started by InterManager but now an industry-led initiative, is going from strength to strength. So far, 120 companies have registered with the Project, now managed by the independent KPI Association, and KPI data is being uploaded from more than 1,600 vessels into the web-based InterManager KPI Environment (IMKE) system. To date more than 5,000 sets of data have been submitted for each KPI category — enabling meaningful analysis to provide industry rankings for each measurement.


Technology to ensure maritime safety

Surveillance is an integral part of maritime safety and protection of our waters. Continuing research on technological innovations, including the strategic use of sonar, applications of oceanography, electro-acoustic transducers, signal processing and systems engineering, is of vital importance in keeping our territories secure and forces operations-ready.


IACS invites comment on harmonised common structural rules

THE International Association of Classification Societies has released the second draft of its harmonised common structural rules and is giving the industry until the end of August to comment on them.


European marine tech projects put their heads together

ADAPTING a vessel either to be rule-compliant or to remain competitive has rapidly become the key issue of the year, and a financial headache for many owners in particular, the requirements of Regulations from the International Maritime Organization and regionally from the European Union, the US and elsewhere.


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