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Subject:eMaritime News for 28th March

Streamlining container handling with the GRID system

The BEC Goods Retrieval and Inventory Distribution (GRID) system is a multi-directional overhead material handling system which uses a pioneering overhead Transfer Unit (TU) to manage densely stored containers. The military application of this system sorts and pre-stages containers on a ship while at sea, speeding container retrieval and deployment.


`Eco claims' must be `measured independently'

Fuel saving technology won't be adopted without agreement on a common standard.


Generation Y: making waves

As the industry absorbs a new generation of officers, it faces the challenge of smoothly integrating them and their ideas with their elders. It’s a familiar story. Young people enter a profession bringing with them new skills and attitudes that might both benefit and challenge an older generation and the ways in which things are done, often with new technology the spur for change.


Using shore connection technology to meet environmental guidelines

Ports and the shipping industry are increasingly under pressure to improve their environmental performance and new international regulations are coming into force. New technologies and business models will have to be deployed if those industries are to be compliant with regulations in a cost effective way. Amongst the new technologies, shore connection, which supplies electrical power to ships at berth, is currently the most advanced and sustainable solution in the long term.


Bibby Ship Management-run ECDIS training seminar will boost shore managers' awareness

While the ECDIS revolution will bring hopes of cost savings and less onboard work for seafarers, shore managers are already raising concerns about the need for the right sort of quality training to avoid ‘ECDIS assisted’ groundings and other accidents.
This was behind Bibby’s decision to launch ‘ECDIS – Safety & Compliance – A Shore Manager’s Approach’, which is a half day seminar offering attendees the opportunity to hear from expert guest speakers on the latest industry concerns regarding ECDIS, as well as gaining clarity on in-depth technicalities.

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