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Subject:eMaritime News for 12th March

Predicting, not reacting - why it's time to rethink vessel maintenance

This is especially true for high-value, difficult-to-replace assets such as ships and submarines and it is clearly in the interest of every navy to ensure that the readiness and sustainment of its warships is maximised. One of the most common reasons for a vessel to be taken out of service is scheduled maintenance. Yet by rethinking this ­ and in particular making much better use of the data collected through routine maintenance ­ operators of vessels stand to gain enormously.


The role of cloud computing in the future of shipping

While off-site computing solutions could be the white knight for shipping companies’ depressed bottom lines, the promised reduction on software and server overheads needs to outweigh anticipated security issues.


Carriers, Shippers Cleaning Up in Emissions Strategies

Liner companies are cooperating with retailers, manufacturers, mining companies and other customers to measure, evaluate, report and reduce carbon and health-risk emissions throughout the supply chain, beginning with the shipment of raw materials to the factory and culminating in the delivery of the finished product to the store shelves.


e-navigation for North Sea safety

ACCSEAS, a project funded in part by the European Union, is developing e-navigation tools to help mariners navigate safely in the North Sea region, particularly in relation to the expected growth in wind farms in the sea area in the coming years


MOL introduces onboard seafarer training programme

The CADET Training programme will provide training for cadets aboard vessels that are actually in service.


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