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Subject:eMaritime News for 20th February

Technical best practice - for human resources

Addressing the human element to achieve safe and effective operation requires two underpinning sets of technical processes: those related to the acquisition and support of systems, equipment and technical resources that are ‘fit for purpose’; and those related to the correct and timely delivery of the right number of  competent crew to do the job.!_31.pdf

What to do when you have more data

Shipping companies have a variety of different reasons why they might want to increase their volume of data traffic. However, one of the most interesting aspects of new technology deployments is how users often begin to introduce new applications far removed from their original intentions.

Crew communication survey reveals interesting results

A recent Crew Communications survey for the maritime industry has found that 68 per cent of crews are nowconnected, and that 70 per cent are willing to pay for access

Putting trust in the internet

We are entering the critical phase of the Age of Trust for maritime e-commerce as mechanisms help overcome the issues of doing business over the web.

Competing in a new era of marine terminal management

The latest generation of terminal optimisation technology is helping third-party terminal operators
to streamline key self-assessment and reporting procedures now mandated by major oil companies
– making the process more efficient than ever before

E-navigation – a web-based approach?

The continued evolution of maritime satellite communications, and the consequent increase in the availability of online access at sea, could play a significant role in the development of IMO’s e-navigation strategy.

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