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Subject:eMaritime News for 12th February

UK maritime must take a lead from automotive and aerospace sectors

THE UK maritime industry should take a lead from the automotive and aerospace industries as it strives to co-operate more closely, according to Minister of State for Business and Enterprise Michael Fallon.Addressing the all-party Parliamentary Maritime and Ports Group last night.

Charging ahead with wireless power sources

From battery back-ups to wireless charging, ship electronics may be powered in the future very differently from the systems in use on today’s vessels. The increasing use of mobile devices on board all kinds of vessels may drive the development of alternative powering and charging systems. Crews are already using tablet computers and smartphones in their leisure time, charging them from bulkhead sockets with a variety of cables.

Nerve centre

Increasingly high-tech nerve centres are changing the nature of port control. Felicity Landon reports.

Keeping control of the system

High-tech solutions will allow marine operation strategies that include people, processes and technology and deliver real added value in terms of efficiency, capability, service offering and safety for any group of ports.

Attracting and retaining talent - The Shipping KPI Standard

The ability to attract talent and to retain seafarers within an organization is one of the essential KPIs in the shipping industry. Shipping Performance Indexes (SPI), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Performance Indicators (PI) express an organisation’s ability to employ, retain and develop personnel with the required competences in order to ensure safe and efficient ship operations.

Competence Management

Competence Management is vital in the pursuit to reduce the risk of human error and companies must have the ability to identify, define, develop and improve the competence of seafarers, and those supporting them ashore, in accordance with mandatory requirements, customers’ needs and expectations and the company’s own defined business goals.

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