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Subject:e-Maritime News for January 29th

Live training over satellite– the next wave?

As pressure increases on crew availability in the maritime industry, companies are looking to apply new technologies to seafarer training to increase the availability of education.

Weather routing vs voyage optimisation

Traditional weather routing, while serving its purpose of avoiding bad weather in the past, has reached its limitations as shipping companies attempt to minimise fuel consumption by slow steaming and virtual arrival. It should be supplemented by more advanced voyage optimisation– for the sake of safety, efficiency and the environment.

Unified systems for better shipping

The management of data is a critical component in managing a shipping company, and is key in making operations as safe and efficient as possible.

e-Navigation infrastructure –should we care?

As the infrastructure that will form the basis of IMO’s e-Navigation programme continues to evolve, it is important that technology standards are introduced if the initiative is to truly fulfil its potential.

Ships are constantly under threat from new viruses

Ship operators and managers need to keep their ship IT networks safe from the constantly changing threat of viruses. They should keep their antivirus software updated in the most cost-efficient way to prevent network damage.

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