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Subject:eMaritime News January 7th 2013

European shippers propose cargo info plan to stem losses

The European Shippers Council has called for improvement in the exchange of information between shippers and container carriers to diminish the loss of containers at sea. The International Maritime Organization currently deals with the loss of containers through consideration of a mandatory scheme for the weighing of containers. European shippers say a deadline for the delivery of the final shipping instructions by the shipper to the carrier’s office will fill gaps in timely information.

Crew internet in three easy steps at Wallem

Over the past six years, ship management company Wallem has invested considerable effort into an ongoing project to improve communications for its seafarers. For a time it seemed that crew internet was an unlikely goal – and then the world changed.

Stakeholders publish ECDIS guidance document

Concern among stakeholder groups regarding the current levels of ECDIS training across the maritime industry has led to the publication of a new guidance document that aims to provide a point of reference for best practice for shipping companies looking to provide ECDIS familiarisation training.

Becoming familiar

Familiarisation training in the use of ECDIS is becoming an increasingly important topic following the commencement of the first phase of the mandatory carriage requirement – given the potential benefits, perhaps similar training methods could also be extended to other types of bridge equipment.

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