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Subject:e-Maritime news for January 22nd 2013

E-navigation: The future of safe shipping

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is developing a strategic vision for e-navigation, to integrate existing and new navigational tools in an all-embracing system that will contribute to enhanced navigational safety. 


Social learning is the future for onboard training

Increasing use of mobile computer devices means that social learning, through online e-learning resources, is the future for maritime computer-based training (CBT). It can be blended with practical experience through simulators and onboard mentoring, but it requires broadband connections at sea.

Advanced automation enhances cruising efficiency

A 99,300gt cruise ship building at STX Finland for TUI Cruises will be the first in the world to exploit the Ethernet
-based IEC61850
protocol in switchboard-to-power-management-system communication.

PEMA report on OCR technologies in ports

Belgium's Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has published a new report on the use and impact of optical character recognition (OCR) technology in container ports and terminals to try to get an idea of how they are improving efficiency and safety.

Start of the EU Project CASCADe for enhancing Maritime Safety

The EU project CASCADE - Model-Based Cooperative and Adaptive Ship-based Context Aware Design aims at bridging the gap between the design of the bridge system and the bridge procedures. The focus of this project is to optimize human-machine interfaces on the bridge. Studies have shown that too much information e.g. on screens or instruments with different user interfaces have led to numerous operator errors and wrong decisions of the crew members.

Hybrid connectivity makes the leap from land to sea

Satellite technology has formed the backbone of maritime communications for decades, but the ever-increasing hunger for bandwidth should see hybrid networks incorporating new technologies become increasingly important to vessel connectivity in the near future.

Software produces 5.8% fuel saving for Bore

Finnish shipping company Bore has announced that it has verified a 5.8 per cent reduction in fuel consumption following a trial of an electronic SEEMP (ship energy efficiency management plan).

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