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Subject:e-Maritime news for January 16th 2013

In trained hands ECDIS is fit for purpose

Problems with ecdis technology and its implementation are undermining confidence among seafarers and shipowners alike.

STCW changes lead to investment in simulators

In the UK, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece and the Philippines maritime training organisations are investing in new simulators as ship operators and manning agencies require more advanced courses for their personnel. New facilities provide not only generic bridge and engine-room courses, but also more complex training.

European Shippers Want Clear Deadline for Sharing Shipping Information

As the International Maritime Organization currently deals with the issue of the loss of containers at sea through consideration of a mandatory scheme for the weighing of containers, the European Shippers Council (the ESC) calls for an alternative path. The ESC says that what is needed is an improvement in the exchange of information between shippers and container liner shipping companies

Training the next generation of marine engineers

The nature of marine engineering has changed enormously in recent years. Development of more sophisticated propulsion machinery, power generation and control systems requires a higher level of education, training and expertise than ever before. The application of advanced software for monitoring and control is imposing new disciplines on engineers at sea.

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