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Subject:eMAR News - 12/12/2015

Time to extend the uses of AIS beyond vessel tracking

IMO has approved the use of shipborne automatic identification systems (AIS) for much more than just vessel tracking. AIS can be utilised to improve navigation and maritime security, as well as information exchange, tracking fishing vessel fleets, and search and rescue (SAR) operations.,time-to-extend-the-uses-of-ais-beyond-vessel-tracking_41104.htm


The World’s First Smart Ship About to Be Born

The world’s first smart ship has been revealed. The entire ship will be run on smart systems, optimizing everything while maintaining safe operations.


Distance learning offers flexibility and cost efficiency

There is growing evidence that the shipping industry is taking full advantage of e-learning solutions to improve seafarer competencies.,distance-learning-offers-flexibility-and-cost-efficiency_41119.htm


Simulators deliver advanced training scenarios

Training centres and academies have installed the latest simulation technology to enhance the technical knowledge of cadets and test team work.,simulators-deliver-advanced-training-scenarios_41177.htm


Bridge systems exposed to cyber attack

Modern bridge systems with ecdis and radar are susceptible to malware. Electronic bridge technol¬ogy that combines radar and electronic charts and positional information is easily undermined at the transmission, reception and signal-processing levels.,bridge-systems-exposed-to-cyber-attack_41178.htm

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