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Subject:eMAR News - 21/11/2015

Shipowners need deep knowledge of cyber security procedures
Shipping is highly vulnerable to cyber attack because of its dependence on electronic systems for navigation, worker safety and communications.,shipowners-need-deep-knowledge-of-cyber-security-procedures_40917.htm 

Learning to let go
In the maritime domain, an unwillingness among stakeholders to to openly share information continues to be a barrier to reaping the full benefits of Big Data. 

Integrated operations centre enhances ABB monitoring
ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has unveiled a new Integrated Operations Center which allows ship owners to take greater control of their fleet from shore. From the center, situated in Billingstad in Norway, its expert engineers can connect to any vessel anywhere in the world which is fitted with ABB technology. Sensors and software onboard the ship send equipment and performance data via satellite link which allows ship owners, in collaboration with ABB’s experts, to perform remote troubleshooting and make informed judgements about the ship’s performance and maintenance plan. 

Ericsson and Inmarsat sign a strategic agreement that will transform the future of the connected ship
The two companies will jointly develop services, solutions and applications to drive industry standards for satellite connectivity and application integration in the maritime industry.

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