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Subject:eMAR News - 24/10/2015

Port community system for paperless transactions unveiled
A electronic port community system to make all trading transactions paperless in Algerian ports based on the Dubai Trade portal was unveiled at a major seminar in Dubai on investment opportunities in the country. 

Inmarsat added to autonomous ship project
A multi-million Euro unmanned vessel initiative spearheaded by Rolls Royce seems to have ensured satellite connectivity for its innovations with the announcement that Inmarsat is to join the programme 

A military response to cyber security
With cyber-attacks and digital defences becoming an all too familiar sight in news reports, the US Navy is pursuing its own projects to protect vulnerable systems from outside interference –the lessons it learns are likely to also feed into the commercial market’s requirement for cyber security. 

Operation ‘Oil Tanker’ – The Phantom Menace
What kind of damage can you do by opening an e-mail attachment? In this case study involving an oil tanker company the result was a systematic, targeted attack designed to steal information and credentials for defrauding oil brokers –something which could be potentially catastrophic.

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