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Subject:eMAR News - 10/10/2015

Shipping companies sought for route optimisation project
UK not-for-profit organisation Marine South East is looking for shipping industry companies to assist in its ‘VoyagOR’ project for the development of route optimisation systems. 

Shipping lacks technical depth
Shipping companies, yards and class societies “don’t have much technical depth,”according to the president of Clarkson Research. He said there was “a serious problem” with the industry’s business model of the past 30 years.Shipping companies today do not have much technical depth and the same is probably true of shipyards and even big organisations like classification societies.”,shipping-lacks-technical-depth-says-stopford_39436.htm 

Cloud computing can resolve data storage challenges
The future trends of cloud computing and communication in the maritime industry is outlined. Communications advances will lead to more digital interaction between ships and ports,cloud-computing-can-resolve-data-storage-challenges_39448.htm 

Cyber security for shipping needs unique approach
Specialist cyber-security product manufacturer LightCyber has told IHS Maritime that shipping needs a new approach to cyber security

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