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Subject:eMAR News - 31/10/2015

Shipping Emissions Part of New Paris Climate Draft
International shipping and aviation emissions have been reinserted into the draft Paris agreement during the five-day climate talks held in Bonn, Germany, last week. 

Upgrade and improve, or transform
Major shifts in global industrial technologies, from Big Data to the Internet of Things, are changing the way that organisations both big and small are doing business. The potential effect these big IT trends in other sectors could have on the maritime industry is an exciting prospect. 

The digital revolution in ship supply
Digital technologies are delivering new opportunities for the maritime supply chain, with new innovations likely to change the way that ships get hold of the items they need, in a way that could benefit the whole industry. 

Is shipping ready for the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things and its close relative Industry 4.0 are subjects that have been occupying the minds of those in commerce for some years now, so it is inevitable that shipping should be affected.,is-shipping-ready-for-the-internet-of-things_40730.htm

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