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Subject:eMAR News - 17/10/2015

Unmanned ships 'already a reality'
Automated ships are here today, already, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, used for science, for research, for defence and in the oil and gas industry, among other things.. As vessel sizes increase, they will have to be integrated into a well-established maritime world with many complexities in place,. 

Innovation project for e-navigation close to becoming a reality
The Danish-led e-navigation project, EfficienSea2, got one step closer to being launched when a core element of the project – Maritime Cloud – was debated by a group of international maritime organisations and companies. 

USMRC develops cybersecurity research programme
To 'better understand the risks to IT-dependent shipboard systems'. 

LR unveils TechnoMax design concept for container ships
Lloyd’s Register (LR) has revealed the technology ship of the future with its TechnoMax container ship 2030 design concept which includes smart ship and condition monitoring technologies.,lr-unveils-technomax-design-concept-for-container-ships_40526.htm 

MEPs: Paris Emissions Reduction Deal Should Include Shipping
Members of the European Parliament have called on the European Union and all other countries at this year’s Paris climate summit to ensure a requirement is included for reducing emissions from international shipping and aviation.

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