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Subject:eMAR News - 19/09/2015

Shipping regulators wary of UN climate intervention
Shipping has a carbon footprint the size of Germany and growing. Unchecked, it could account for up to 14% of global emissions by 2050. 

New Alerting Security System Launched
The Maritime Alerting Security System (MASS) is a maritime threat alerting, security management and compliance system that provides vessels and fleet managers of all types with near real-time, geo-positional threat alerts, security management tools and customized protocols on a single dashboard.

Maritime single window for logistics
An IMO project is underway to develop a single window for logistics. It will comply with an important new standard relating to the obligation of public authorities to establish systems to exchange arrival and departure information electronically when ships enter or leave port. 

Enhancing maritime safety
The European Union has granted a €21m grant to the Sea Traffic Management (STM) Validation Project, a Motorways of the Sea project defined within the MONALISA 2.0 project. 

Global Reporting Mechanism Needed to Curb Piracy
A common worldwide information sharing framework could possibly expedite the receipt and distribution of critical details needed to enable naval and law enforcement forces to respond quickly enough to protect seafarers and arrest the perpetrators.

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