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Subject:eMAR News - 05/09/2015

Finnish government backs automated shipping
THE Finnish government has come out in support of research into automated transport, including shipping. It has, according to the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communication, released a plan to promote intelligent automation, and this includes maritime, road, rail and air. 

Unmanned ships will increase cyber risk
THE arrival of unmanned vessels will accelerate the chances of a successful cyber attack on commercial shipping, and the event will come as a surprise when it does happen. 

Analysing ship system data reduces the risk of failures
Wärtsilä and ABB have developed methods of monitoring the condition of onboard machinery to improve performance and minimise system downtime.,analysing-ship-system-data-reduces-the-risk-of-failures_39067.htm 

How Port Collaborative Decision Making helps ports
Port Collaborative Decision Making will help ports to become more efficient and predictable enabling vessels to arrive just-in-time. 

Sea Traffic Management: a look at the future
Sea Traffic Management (STM) key benefits and features from the MONALISA 2.0 project are presented.The short term benefits will be improved safety, environment and efficiency. Benefits and improvements in the while supply chain will be achieved by providing real time information all interested and authorised parties.

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