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Subject:eMAR News - 22/08/2015

New payments platform promises cash-free vessels
A new payment system from Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) and Brightwell Payments has been launched, designed to simplify crew payments and remove the need for cash on vessels.

Navigating through cybercrime
Digital criminals use their technological prowess to cause havoc half way across the world. With the shipping industry beginning to enjoy vastly improved connectivity between ship and shore, the parallel threat of cybercrime must not be ignored

ESCGS to urge industry to safeguard against cyber attack during LISW
New technologies, increasing automation and the inevitability of the autonomous ship will make shipping more efficient but such developments come with serious cyber threats.

Research project to improve access to multimodal transport information
oneTRANSPORT will pioneer a new approach into the use of open-data platforms, encouraging a fairer, more open market place, with Internet of Things (IoT) technology acting as an enabler for data sharing across traditionally ‘closed’ data-realms in the public and private sector.

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