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Subject:eMAR News - 15/08/2015

EU-backed threat training project launched
A new EU-backed research and development  project has been launched to improve training to respond to cyber-attacks and other threats on Europe’s critical infrastructure, including ports. 

LEO projects to change the face of satcoms
Global entrepreneurs, looking to extend internet access to parts of the world inaccessible to cable and fibre networks, are drawing up ambitious plans that could see thousands of internet satellites covering every centimetre of the globe – and changing the face of maritime communications forever. 

New report finds connectivity at sea vital to happiness
A new report from Crewtoo on the happiness levels of seafarers highlights just how important internet access has become for those working at sea, claiming many now demand it rather than simply desire it. 

InterManager aims for the ‘paperless ship’
InterManager has thrown its weight behind moves towards the 'paperless ship', as well as the introduction of minimum manning levels. 

The Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals
Big Data is still a relatively new term within the port and terminal industry. But according to Forbes, 87% of enterprises believe that Big Data will redefine the competitive landscape in the next three years.

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