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Subject:eMAR News - 25/07/2015

Resilience and Cyber Security of Technology in the Built Environment
This is essential reading for those involved in the specification, design, procurement and operation of buildings such as transport terminals where there is a convergence of corporate IT and building systems, including industrial control systems (ICS). 

Shortage of quality officers remains a major concern for shipowners
A short of quality crew remains a major concern for shipowners and operators according to a senior executive from Maersk Tankers. 

Accenture partners with Hyundai to create ‘Internet of Things’ ships
Hyundai Heavy Industries and Accenture are to collaborate on the design of a ‘connected smart ship’, with the aim of improving fleet management and achieve potential operational savings through the application of digital technologies. 

Inmarsat begins future satellite communications study
Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA) have formed a public-private partnership to jointly identify the future technologies in mobile satellite communications. The partnership will support the Inmarsat Communications Evolution (ICE) initiative, which aims to identify the new technologies required to create the next generation of space-enabled communications services.,inmarsat-begins-future-satellite-communications-study_38664.htm 

EfficienSea2: Denmark takes the wheel in e-navigation
EfficienSea2 is the latest EU-backed maritime innovation project hoping to reshape the future of navigation through improved efficiency, safety and modern communication systems. But what digital technologies is the “groundbreaking” project aiming to implement and is the maritime industry ready to fully embrace automated services?

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