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Subject:eMAR News - 18/07/2015

Carbon futures: What’s in store for shipping?
The CO2 issue is a complex one due to its multiplicity of stakeholders and its political rather than technical nature. While maritime regulations are traditionally moved forward by IMO, CO2 is part of a complex tapestry of international, regional and domestic politics and negotiations. 

Group issues guide for Carbon Emission Accounting Methodology
System currently being used by more than 20 container cargo carriers. 

Maritime Surveillance: Autonomous and Real-time
The PERSEUS project (Protection of European BoRders and Seas through the IntElligent Use of Surveillance) is one of the most significant initiatives within the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission, and has constituted the flagship of research and development in the maritime security segment. 

Sea Traffic Management Validation Project backed by EU
EU has decided to contribute with €21 million to the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project, a Motorways of the Sea project. Test beds in Northern Europe and Mediterranean Sea will engage 300 vessels, 10 ports of different sizes and 3 shore centres. 

European Union funding risk-based tools project for shipping safety inspections
SAFEPEC will contribute to the adoption of best practices and technologies to boost owners, managers, inspectors and surveyors beyond a new world of compliance designed to improve the efficiency and safety of waterborne industries.

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