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Subject:eMAR News - 27/06/2015

Regulations float in confused seas
Regulation in the maritime industry is becoming a key focus for owners as the cost of compliance spirals. But owners are entitled to a transparent and robust regulatory and enforcement regime. 

Experts call for heightened ship cyber security systems
Companies whose operations rely on programmable control systems, which could include ships and offshore structures in the maritime industry, are increasingly becoming a target for cyber threats. 

Shipping Will Need 42,500 Officers by 2019
Shipping will require an additional 42,500 officers by the end of 2019 to cope with the expected growth in the main cargo carrying fleet. 

IMO Prioritizes e-Navigation
The IMO has put e-navigation back on the high-level action plan of the Maritime Safety Committee. The program was to finish this year, but the outcomes achieved at MSC 95 earlier this month mean that work will continue for at least four more years.

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