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Subject:eMAR News - 13/06/2015

BIMCO takes ownership of Shipping KPI System
BIMCO has announced that it has taken ownership of the unique Shipping KPI System that allows shipowners and managers to compare their ships' efficiency against the performance of the industry and sector averages. 

Benefits from Shipbuilding & Sea Transportation Processes
The demand for increased operational efficiencies while minimizing environmental impact is driving major shifts in the shipping industry and its uptake of new technologies and ideas. Digitalization has smoothed overall transportation processes and has put the focus on efficiency at every opportunity. 

Shipping enters the age of real-time connectivity
We are entering the age of the real-time connected ship, with shipowners, operators and managers seeing the benefits of deploying VSAT on board their vessels. Broadband connectivity enables a host of operational applications and better crew welfare services. 

InterManager aims for the 'paperless ship'
InterManager has thrown its weight behind moves towards the 'paperless ship', as well as the introduction of minimum manning levels, following a meeting during Nor-Shipping 2015 in Oslo.

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