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Subject:eMAR News - 16/05/2015

Paperless airplanes: Integrating e-freight with technology and results
The global usage of electronic air waybills (e-AWBs) stood, at the end of February, at 26.9 percent, up 2 percent from January. And IATA is confident that the industry can reach its 2015 target of 45 percent by the end of this year. 

An Insight into Port and Shipping Collaboration
With the rapid evolution in mega-ship sizes and the pressures that are currently swamping many ports across the globe, there is a much more pressing issue that deserves attention in the port and shipping industry, which is collaboration; not only between ports and shipping lines but with the wider logistics chain, in a bid to handle the exponential growth in container shipping. 

Being a shipmaster in Europe becomes easier
The administrative burdens imposed on the maritime industries in Denmark and the rest of Europe will be reduced through the implementation of a new electronic reporting system. "National Single Window", is the name of the new electronic system which will simplify the reporting regulations applicable to shipping from 1 June this year. 

EU's MRV scheme raises 'scary' prospects
'Impossible' to form fair picture of CO2 emissions relative to efficiency in transporting cargo.

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