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Subject:eMAR News - 09/05/2015

Big Data Helps Shippers Cut Fuel Bills, Emissions
By focusing on operational improvements, shipping companies are reducing fuel consumption, saving money and cutting greenhouse emissions, while continuing to increase the amount of freight transported. 

Project to Make e-Navigation a Reality
The EU has approved a Danish-led, maritime innovation project with a budget of DKK 85 million, intended to enhance safety of navigation and increase efficiency at sea. 

Verint provides Nextiva Critical Infrastructure solution for port security
Nextiva Critical Infrastructure, an enterprise-class networked video solution designed to reduce risk in port environments to prevent terrorism, enhance container security, reduce theft, protect cruise ships, identify potential threats, and improve the overall flow of trade. 

SafeSeaNet upgrade to bring enhanced information exchange
Adapting to the requirements of the reporting formalities Directive 2010/65/EU - On 8 April 2015, EMSA successfully deployed a new version of SafeSeaNet. 

Study shows new ships already meeting 2020 design standard: Greater ambition required at IMO
A new CE Delft study has revealed that many recently constructed ships already meet the International Maritime Organisation’s design efficiency standard for 2020, indicating that there is significant room for tightening these standards.

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