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Subject:eMAR News - 11/04/2015

Fuzzy logic in ship manoeuvring
‘Fuzzy logic’ is effective when analysing imprecise and insufficient data, and ship manoeuvring situations could certainly be said to fall into that category. By learning from these theories, applications using such technology could be designed to support decision making in vessel traffic management systems 

The Human Element of Ship Management
The best third party ship managers employ technology, good business practices, economies of scale and a customized approach for each client. None of that will succeed without first addressing the human element of the equation. 

Port and ships become hacker targets
Cyber risks represent another new threat for a shipping sector which is highly interconnected and increasingly reliant on automation 

Danelec launches service automation solution
eSERVICEConnect promises to connect the equipment manufacturer, service company and shipmanager via a web portal, allowing for easier sharing of information, and consequently more coordinated and efficient servicing

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