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Subject:eMAR News - 04/04/2015

Maritime Training Five Years from Now: A Look Ahead
For anyone involved in maritime training, now is an incredibly exciting time full of opportunity.

Traditional satcoms still important in HTS world
The purveyors of High Throughput Satellites will this year accelerate their campaigns to deliver on the promise of an imminent revolution in satellite communications. Amid all this excited anticipation however, there will continue to be a worldwide requirement for services on lower-throughput satellite systems.

The power of data analytics
Every operational aspect of vessel management creates huge amounts of data about performance
– turning that data into actionable information can highlight simple ways of making significant savings through very basic changes.

IT introduction makes for more efficient fleets
Software and IT are becoming more important for offshore support vessel operators in order to improve their operating efficiencies and project delivery. Vessel owners are introducing new IT systems and condition-based maintenance across their fleets, driven by the need to remain competitive and advances in technology.

KVH Outlines Ship-to-Shore Connectivity
The next generation of connectivity between ship and shore will be dominated by the development of applications to help ship owners and managers reduce costs by enhancing operational efficiency, automating processes, and avoiding expensive repairs, according to one of the world's leading suppliers of satellite communications to the maritime industry.

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