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Subject:eMAR News - 01/07/2016

Fleet digitalisation comes with greater cyber risks to ship systems

With the expected digitalisation of global shipping fleets comes the growing risk from cyber threats that could enter ship systems via their satellite links. Within the next 10 years, shipowners, managers and vessel operators will be linking many more of their assets to onshore networks over satellite. They will be connecting networks of sensors on their ships to onshore computers and experts for big data analytics,fleet-digitalisation-comes-with-greater-cyber-risks-to-ship-systems_43137.htm


On course for autonomy - Taking a glimpse at the not too distant future

The moment when we finally see unmanned ships in our harbours and seas is still some way off. Yet, the technologies behind autonomous shipping are forging ahead at a blistering pace.


GE identifies the benefits of digital operations onboard

Just as connected devices are making headway on land, with computer chips in cars, buildings and everyday items such as watches and fridges, connected ships are growing in popularity at sea thanks to their ability to streamline and improve marine operations.


New inter-vessel communications successfully tested

Kongsberg Maritime participated, using its Maritime Broadband Radio technology, in an exercise in a fjord in Norway. Four autonomous units – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), an unmanned surface vessel (USV), an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), and a tethered relay balloon – were guided from a mother ship in various tasks.,new-intervessel-communications-successfully-tested_43342.htm


Automated ship reporting gains IMO support

Automation of ship reporting functions has taken a big step forward with two important decisions by IMO. One concerns the introduction of the electronic exchange of information as a universal, binding requirement for the purpose of facilitating the business of international maritime traffic. The other concerns the standardisation and harmonisation of ship reporting in support of e-navigation developments aimed at simplifying the communication of navigational safety information between ship and shore and its harmonised display on ship bridge equipment.,automated-ship-reporting-gains-imo-support_43382.htm

Rolls-Royce publishes vision of unmanned shipping

The Rolls-Royce led Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWA)has published a whitepaper which outlines the Project’s vision of how remote and autonomous shipping will become a reality.


IMO issues guidelines on cyber risk

IMO has issued new guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management, available free for download, containing a number of recommendations for shipping companies on how to protect their technology assets against digital disaster.

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