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Subject:eMAR News - 14/03/2015

`Europe failing to offer shipping companies enough support'
If you want to develop 'motorways of the sea' you must support port infrastructure, says legislator.

Unmanned ships need appropriate regulations: Cargo shipping on the high seas and inland waterways heads for breakthrough
Unmanned shipping may involve remotely controlled ships as well as autonomous, computer-controlled ships, or a mixture of both technologies .A study has made of the regulation of unmanned merchant ships. The study is due to appear in the next issue of the respected Journal of International Law.

European shipping industry – Innovate to stay ahead of the game
Europe has a major role to play in driving the maritime industry forward, said Tor Svensen, CEO of DNV GL – Maritime, in his keynote speech on innovation at the European Shipping Week in Brussels.

Shipowners worried that CO2 rules are 'too complex'
Controversial EU plans to require ship operators to monitor and report CO2 emissions are raising new fears.

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