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Subject:eMAR News - 21/02/2015

Ericsson makes play for maritime
Swedish multinational Ericsson is aiming to expand its reach in the shipping sector with the introduction of a new Maritime ICT Cloud service which will see the company offer bespoke end-to-end IT infrastructure delivery and management.

e-Compliance launches Maritime Thesaurus and Ontology
The research project e-Compliance has announced the arrival of its Maritime Thesaurus and Ontology, designed to help with the drafting, structure and understanding of maritime regulations.

New e-invoicing services boosting financial supply chain visibility

Technology providers, manufacturers, retailers and other supply chain stakeholders are automating billing and settlement processes, and digitizing the “pay” in the “procure-to-pay” process critical to business-to-business supply chain management.

Carnival unveils hybrid wireless networks for its fleet

Cruise ship operators require far more services than just a broadband pipe to deliver a series of communications solutions to passengers and crew. The majority of cruise ships have VSAT equipment on board to connect with C-band and Ku-band services.

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