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Subject:eMAR News - 02/02/2015

Wireless Dividend
A wireless network technology originally developed for the offshore indistry has been adapted for to provide ships high-speed tehered connectivity with a maximum range of 100Km. 

European Commission proposes amendments to ENS Filing Need Clarification
The European Commission has been working to rewrite the European Union’s advance cargo data reporting requirements for quite a while, and is now in the final stages of completing its proposal as part of the implementation of the new Union Customs Code (UCC). 

Encrypted smartphone supply
Netherlands based marine electronics expert, Alphatron Marine has been selected as a supplier for an innovative new encrypted smartphone for the commercial marine sector. 

E-compliance milestone
e-Compliance, a partly EU funded research project on maritime regulations, has announced the delivery of its first major milestone: The Maritime Thesaurus and Ontology.

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