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Subject:eMAR News - 20/12/2014

Global Shipping Going Digital
United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) has launched a number of initiatives for eliminating paperwork and reducing the administrative burdens imposed on global shipping. 

Maritime Cybersecurity: A Growing Threat Goes Unanswered
A well-placed cyber attack at a major port or against critical infrastructure could have a dramatic impact on the shipping sector. While the industry is now starting to respond to the threat, individual companies are still best placed to safeguard their own systems 

Standardisation for efficient operations
Run better, run cheaper, run smarter – the goals of every shipping company, but not always easy to achieve.Dutch shipping company Vroon has made standardisation of IT systems the core of its efforts in this direction 

Less than simple systems
The International Association of Classification Societies has a dedicated expert group focusing on the subject of complex on-board systems, with such rapid development taking place in this area. On a number of occasions concern has been expressed that ship systems are becoming too complex and sophisticated for those aboard ship to safely intervene, should they require this.

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