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Subject:eMAR News - 29/11/2014

Ocean shipping group seeks to fine-tune electronic invoicing
An independent organization of ocean industry executives seeks to enhance the efficiency and popularity of electronic invoicing by establishing a single standard that simplifies ocean freight invoicing by automating the time-consuming and costly manual invoicing and reconciliation process. 

UK opens unmanned vessel research centre
The UK's minister for Portsmouth Matthew Hancock has officially opened a new centre for research into unmanned autonomous vessels – a market estimated to be worth £9 billion each year over the next eight years. 

MSC proposes guidelines on cyber security
The IMO's Committee on Maritime Safety (MSC) at its 94th Session (MSC 94) considered a proposal to develop voluntary guidelines on cyber security practices to protect and enhance the resiliency of cyber systems supporting the operations of ports, vessels, marine facilities and other elements of the maritime transportation system and agreed to coordinate its future work on this matter with the Facilitation Committee.

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