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Subject:eMAR News - 10/11/2014

Improved tracking and data shows shipping industry is getting greener
Shipping has always prided itself on being the ‘greenest’ mode of international transport when it comes to emissions – now, improvements in data collection technologies are helping to prove that the industry’s environmental performance is even better than previously thought. 

Carnival unveils new high-speed internet service at sea
Carnival Corporation unveiled a new industry-first wireless network that will combine land-based systems and advanced satellite connectivity designed to give passengers faster, more stable and powerful internet service at sea. 

Time to step up
While AIS has its benefits, ports need to move past simple identification,. Efficiency and cargo throughput are at a stage where every large self-respecting port has to rely on a specialised vessel and docking tracking service, the best of which are able to process 50m real-time vessel positions daily.

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