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Subject:eMAR News - 20/09/2014

Crew communications 2014

Access to crew communications is an improving picture, but it isn't good enough – and perhaps the key issue is that this doesn’t just disadvantage crew.


VSAT competition drives evolution in maritime satcoms

Evolution in customer demand, a new generation of satellite technology and increasing competition among operators could see VSAT services make up 70 per cent of the maritime satcoms market in less than a decade.


Standardise this – the push for data optimisation

Open standards for data exchange are something of a ‘holy grail’ in IT, allowing for the integration of various systems and data sources, and better levels of analysis and optimisation. In shipping, standards have generally been painfully slow to develop – but two new initiatives are hoping to change that.


A new kind of Pirate

Vessel security is an issue that has hit the headlines in recent years, with the surge in piracy forcing ship operators to reassess their contingency measures. However, digital piracy and computer attacks have, to a great extent, been overlooked – despite the significant dangers.


The use of Games in Maritime Training- education or playtime?

Student motivation is key to the success of any educational effort, and the eLearning industry is currently experimenting with the introduction of ‘gaming’ elements into training programmes – the potential benefits seem to be significant. 


AIS developments can aid commercial shipping further

AIS has not passed its zenith and is far more than a ship spotter’s tool, as a recent study
of its uses among commercial shippers demonstrates.

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